Electric Auto Water Pumps For Car Washer
New arrival 12v 100psi 12.5LPM high pressure on-demand car wash water pump with factory price
New arrival 12v 100psi 12.5LPM high pressure on-demand car wash water pump
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New arrival 12v high pressure 100psi 12.5LPM on-demand car wash water pump.

High pressure 100psi 6.9bar with max.flow rate 12.5LPM / 3.3GPM.

Suitable for car wash, sprayer, misting ,showering system..


Pressure pumps can be used in:
*Yacht / RV/Caravan pressurized water system
*Sprayer fixture (Vehicle-mounted sprayer, electric sprayer)
*Clean machine, Humidifier, Water purification, Medical apparatus
*Food beverage filling & liquid transfer
*Any other pressurization system


  Built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump
    instantaneously when discharge valve opens and closes.
•  Compact design and plug-in port fittings make installation easy.
•  Can run dry without damage and handle liquids up to 130° F (54° C).
•  No metal contact with liquid being pumped.
•  Ball bearing drive throughout pump and motor assures longer pump life.
•  Excellent self-priming capability. Pump may be located above the liquid level.
•  Powerful, permanent magnet motor with low current draw and long life brushes.
•   Motor Design: Permanent Magnet, Ball Bearing.
•  Pump Design: Diaphragm
•  Pump:  Four chamber diaphragm design; 
          Self-priming up to 10 ft. suction lift; 
          Pump able to run dry without damage;
          Removable port to hose connectors.
•  Self-primes up to 2.4m vertical lift
•  Four-piston design delivers higher flow rates
•  Runs dry without harm to the pump
•  Provides quiet operation and smooth flow
•  Includes plug-in ports for easy installation:
    One 1/2" (13mm) - 14 pipe Straight Quad port
    One 1/2" (13mm) hose barb Straight Quad port
    One 1/2" (13mm) hose barb 90° Elbow Quad port
    One 1/2" (13mm) Barb Quad Port 90° Strainer
•  Install a water strainer to protect pump from debris

Technical data

Model Volt

Flow rate




Amp Draw(A)
HY-100N 12 12.5(3.3) 100(6.89) 12
HY-45N    12         19.0 (5.0)     45 (3.10)     14
HY-40N 12V 17.5 (4.6) 40 (2.76) 13

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