• How to use and maintain the submersible pump
    How to use and maintain the submersible pump

    April 26,2021.

    The selection of submersible pumps before use is very important. The pump model should be selected according to the actual conditions of the water source, working time and pump water volume. First of ...

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  • DC Bilge Pump
    DC Bilge Pump

    April 19,2021.

    DC bilge pump is also called micro submersible pump, "micro DC submersible pump", "12V micro submersible pump" and so on.  Because it is a DC power supply, it is often called a "DC bilge pump". I...

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  • Gear pump
    Gear pump

    April 12,2021.

    Gear oil pump is suitable for conveying various lubricating liquids, the temperature is not higher than 70℃, if high temperature is required to be 200℃, high temperature resistant materials can be use...

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  • Bilge pump: what is it and how to use it?
    Bilge pump: what is it and how to use it?

    April 7,2021.

    The function of the bilge pump is to discharge the water accumulated in the bottom of the ship. In most cases, there are several reasons for the accumulation of water at the bottom of the ship:  ...

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  • Singflo Pump Packaging
    Singflo Pump Packaging

    April 2,2021.

    Singflo Pump packaging is of good quality and there are many choices. Each product will be wrapped in a plastic bag and put in a box to play a double protective role. Different products have different...

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  • Micro water pump
    Micro water pump

    March 29,2021.

    Definition of miniature water pump: Usually, the machine that lifts liquid, transports liquid or increases pressure of liquid, that is, the machine that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mov...

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