What a high pressure water pump is used for?

December 9,2022.

What a high pressure water pump is used for?

         A high pressure water pump can be used in the various applications across multiple domains for the cleaning purposes like car washing, offshore cleaning, carpet wash, floor cleaning, and they can be used to clean some inaccessible and tough dirt and oil strains in our homes.
It is great for agricultural use, taking shower or garden sprinkler/irrigation, and can be set in the boat, yacht, caravan or motor home.

Singflo 220V diaphragm pump

    DP-160M is one of our hot-selling DP high pressure water pumps, let’s take this model as an example to further explain:

DP-160M 220VAC 5.5LPM 160PSI Water Pump
Model: DP-160M
Volt: 220V AC 
Amps: 0.55 A
Flow Rate: 1.45 GPM (5.5 L/min)
Maximum Pressure: 160 PSI (11.0bar)
Duty Cycle: Working intermittent
Dimensions( H*W*D): 26.5*12*10.5cm
Gross Weight: 3.3kg
Valves: EPDM / VITON
Port size:  3/8'' F NPT
Liquid temperature: 140ºF(60°C)Maximum
Type:3-chamber positive displacement

Singflo 220V 5.5LPM diaphragm pump

This pump can handle water up to 60 degrees.
Turns on automatically when tap is turns on and turns off when tap is turned off.
Designed in special ABS and protection against acid and alkaline corrosion.
With strong magnetic drive, comes fully primed and simple to install.
This pump may be used for general fresh water, sea water & salt water transfer. (Liquid with weak acid & alkaline is okay)
Heavy duty motors with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies.
High pressure 160PSI and pressure switch protected.
CE standards
Water cooled motors for long life, with anti airlock design moisture tight seals.
Snap-lock strainer base for easy installation and removal. Light weight
Here are more models with TECHNICAL DATA for your choice

Model Volt (V)

Flow rate:




Current (A)
DP-60 12 4.6(1.21) 60(4.14) 7
24 4.6(1.21) 60(4.14) 4
DP-80 12 5.5(1.45) 80(5.52) 8
DP-100 12 5.5(1.45) 100(6.9) 9
DP-120 12 5.5(1.45)
120(8.28) 9.5
DP-120B 24 5.5(1.45)
120(8.28) 4.5
DP-160 12 5.5(1.45)
160(11.0) 10.5
DP-160B 24 5.5(1.45)
160(11.0) 4.2
DP-100M 220 5.5(1.45)
100(6.9) 0.6
DP-160S 120 5.5(1.45)
160(11.0) 1
DP-120M 220 5.5(1.45)
120(8.28) 0.5
DP-160M 220 5.5(1.45)
160(11.0) 0.55

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