Singflo 12v 750GPH multi port inlet Boat Marine Automatic bilge Shower Sump Pump System

June 21,2021.

Singflo's shower sump systems deliver the performance you've been asking for. Standard Box size that offers fast water flow into and out of sump. The lid snaps in to allow quick installation (and removal for cleaning) and includes a gasket to seal the sump box against overflow. The sump box even includes an air to prevent air locks. 


Feature and Technical:

*High quality, 100% marine grade UV stabilised white ABS plastic construction

*Compact, full capacity automatic shower sump draining kit

*600/750/1100 Gallons per hour automatic pump with built-in float switch, turns on and off automatically as required

*Designed to pump shower/sink water overboard or into a holding tank

*Removable mesh filter allows easy cleaning

*Clear screw-down cover

*Check valve on outlet

*Handles waste water from more than one tapping point

*Tight fitting lid to minimize splasing and odors

*Easy to install

*Multiple inlet ports for versatile usuage

1 x 3/4''

1x 3/4'' or 1x1-1/2''

1 x 1-1/8'' or 1x1-1/2''

*Discharge hose:3/4''

* Ideal for use in boats, RV, caravans, motorhomes, and camper trailers

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