DC Bilge Pump

April 19,2021.

DC bilge pump is also called micro submersible pump, "micro DC submersible pump", "12V micro submersible pump" and so on.  Because it is a DC power supply, it is often called a "DC bilge pump". It is usually placed in the bilge of cruise ships, fishing boats, etc., to remove the accumulated water in the bilge in time. Generally, it must be put into water, completely or partially submerged. Usually use 12V or 24V DC power supply, marine batteries, etc. for power supply.


Working principle

There is an impeller inside the micro bilge pump, which rotates at a high speed after being energized, and quickly throws out the water near the impeller, thereby forming a vacuum (negative pressure) near the impeller. Nearby water is pressed into the submersible pump through the water inlet (usually many meshes at the bottom of the submersible pump), and then thrown out. At the same time, the external water is sucked in again........ With the "floating switch", it can be When the bottom of the ship reaches the warning water level, the micro submersible pump will automatically start to drain; when the water level drops to the warning low, the power supply will be automatically cut off to stop the micro submersible pump to avoid dry burning.


Pros and cons

It can be known from the working principle that the miniature submersible pump still belongs to the impeller pump from the internal structure.

1. Advantages

(1). Liquids containing particles and oils can be pumped: the gap of the impeller inside the impeller pump is large, and even smaller solid particles are allowed to pass, so liquids containing smaller particles can be pumped, such as fish ponds for feeding bait Nutrient solution, etc.;

(2). Stable output flow: the internal impeller is symmetrical in the center, unlike the diaphragm pump or piston pump that uses an eccentric gear transmission, there is almost no "pulsation".

(3). No need to add water diversion: because it is completely or partly submerged in water, there is no need to add water manually every time, so it overcomes the disadvantage of impeller pumps that have no self-priming ability; solves the problem that piston pumps and diaphragm pumps cannot pump particles Shortcomings.

(4). Ultra-large flow and ultra-small volume: high-grade ball bearings, high-speed permanent magnet motors are used, and the speed and reliability are far beyond ordinary civil submersible pump motors, which can achieve several times to 10 times the flow rate of ordinary submersible pumps; but the volume is small Not much changed;

(5) Very low noise: Because water absorbs noise, the noise is much lower than that of piston pumps or diaphragm pumps.

(6) High-grade workmanship, seawater corrosion resistance: The high-grade ABS shell is ultrasonically molded, and the pump shaft is made of stainless steel, which is durable and non-corrosive. It can be used in fresh water or sea water.

2. Disadvantages and solutions

(1) The main disadvantage is that the output pressure is not large (the head is not high). It can only be used in occasions with large flow and low head.

(2) Do not run without water, otherwise it will easily cause the seal to be damaged due to high temperature, and water will enter the motor to malfunction. However, the water level can be automatically adjusted by being equipped with a "float switch" to avoid dry running and idling. Realize unmanned monitoring.


1. The flow rate is much larger than other submersible pumps of the same volume; the general submersible pump flow rate for fish tanks is only a few liters/minute);

2. It can pump liquids containing particles, impurities, oil, etc.; it can also pump liquids with higher viscosity;

3. Long-term continuous operation; can work continuously for 24 hours;

4. The pump shaft is made of stainless steel, which is durable and non-corrosive, and can be used in fresh water and sea water;

5. With filter, easy to disassemble and clean;

6. Driven by permanent magnet motor, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life; low noise;

The main purpose

It can be widely used in sewage sampling, large-flow liquid transfer, low-noise continuous working occasions; large and super large aquariums, small swimming pools, fish ponds, reservoirs, fountains, fish ponds and other purposes... ...

Applicable industry

Fresh water and sea water quality analysis, sewage treatment, sewage sampling, water purification, ship bilge sewage discharge, breeding and viewing, water circulation transfer, agricultural spraying, irrigation, ground, carpet cleaning, etc.; applicable industries: environmental protection, medicine, ships, fishery and breeding, Industry, agriculture, housekeeping and other industries.

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