2020 SINGFLO new designed 4 chamber 3GPM high flow water pumps

December 15,2020.

2020 SINGFLO new designed 4 chamber 3GPM high flow water pumps

So you have an RV. You know there's a way water runs to your sink, toilet and shower. But how? This can be confusing at first as far as knowing how to use 'city water' as opposed to using your RV water pump to access your RV's fresh water tank.

And what about replacing or upgrading your current 12 volt water pump? What is the best RV water pump out there? And what do you need to consider when upgrading your current pump to a stronger one? So. Many. Questions.

Let's face it- it's nice to know HOW the fresh water system in your RV works. We know you don't want to make mistakes or to look like a fool at the campground, so let's knowledge your brain up so that you look like a superstar old-school pro at your first campsite!

Singflo 3GPM RV pump designed to meet the freshwater needs of most vessels with a water heater, shower, toilet .

Soft rubber mounts isolate pump vibration from mounting surface for quiet operation. A corrosion-resistant design and ability to run-dry extends service life.

A screw-less diaphragm eliminates possible leak paths. Quick-connect fittings are included for ease of installation and to simplify routine maintenance.

12 volts water pressure diaphragm pump key features:

.Honeywell micro switch

.Medium volume on-demand freshwater pump

.4 chamber diaphragm design for smooth water flow

.Built in bypass to eliminate pulsation and rapid cycling

.Vibration absorbing mounts for quiet operation

.Quick release snap-fit port fittings for easier installation

.Corrosion resistant pump head and motor housing

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