Electric Auto Water Pumps For Car Washer
electric spray pump for agriculture
Singflo high pressure electric spray pump for agriculture
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AC spraye water pump with Standard 100-240V AC voltage (other voltage could offer as per clients request).

This series pump are suitable for 

*Deck Washing

*Mist cooling system

*Spray equipment

*Cleaning equipment

*Reverse osmosis water purification system(RO)

*Water filter machine

*Chemistry metering

*Printing industry

*Sanitary industry

*Environmental protect

*Sea water desalination (on ship)

*Cleaning Robotic

applications for car wash pump

High pressure water pump feature:

*Light weight and made from corrosion resistant materials which are suitable for fresh water,sea water,salt water,bilge water,beverage and chemical transfer.

*This is automatic demand water system pump has a built-in pressure switch,which automatically starts and stops when the fixture is opened and closed.

*Compact size, Easy to install,operation and maintenance

*Special valve & diaphragm for easy priming.

*Low power consumption

*Safety and reliability

*Built-in Check valve

*Thermally Protected


Model Volt

Flow rate




Amp Draw(A) Bypass
DP-60 12 4.6(1.21) 60(4.14) 7 YES
DP-60B 24 4.5(1.18) 60(4.14) 4 YES
DP-80 12 5.5(1.45) 80(5.53) 8 YES
DP-100 12 5.5(1.45) 100(6.90) 9 YES
DP-120 12 5.5(1.45) 120(8.28) 9.5 YES
DP-120B 24 5.5(1.45) 120(8.28) 4.5 YES
DP-160 12 5.5(1.45) 160(11.0) 10.5 YES
DP-160B 24 5.5(1.45) 160(11.0) 4.20 YES
DP-100M 230 5.5(1.45) 100(6.9) 0.6 YES
DP-160S 120 5.5(1.45) 160(11.0) 1 YES
DP-120M 220 5.5(1.45) 120(8.28) 0.5 YES
DP-160M 220 5.5(1.45) 160(11.0) 0.55 YES

Dimension of car wash pump

dimension of car wash pump

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