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solar centrifugal submersible pump
6T series Solar powered pump for irrigation system desert control
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    6T series
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Solar Submersible Fountain Pump Description:

Hold protection on too high& lowvoltage,production on motor lacked rotor& Current overload.Lack of water auto protection.

Keep system automatical& intellectualized working without personal control.

Stainless steel body with brass pump head.

Pump Satandard with 2m cable,longer cable customize offered.

Recommendd solar panel offered 120-200% power.

Warranty of 24 months.

Solar Irrigation Water pump Application:

Tank/Cistern filling

Village or family water supply

Water supply for farm

Carden/courtyard irrigation systems

Livestock watering/Swimming pool filling/Fountains

Water supply for bivouac or camping car

Solar water circulating system

Renewable energy projects

Technical data:

Solar powered water pump benefits:


1, No plugging Multistage impeller centrifugal pump, Impurities can be thrown, no plugging

2, sand prevention: Suitable for bad weather

3, Impeller: POM, Good flexibility, Good sealing, pump lift and flow are better than comparable motor parameters.


1.Efficient motor: Power frequency low voltage motor(Non-magnetic asynchronous)

2 Low-speed machine: Low-speed start after power is turned on and will operate steadily according to the light

3.Wear-resisting and maintenance-free, have long performance life

4.NSK bearing: Wear-resisting and have long performance life.

5.Stainless steel shaft:316Stainless steel shaft, rustless.

6.Alloy and ceramic seal: waterproof

7.Motor use oil seal: Good thermal conductivity, good insulation

8.100% copper wire motor


1 Industrial grade frequency intelligent controller, Automatically start and test,

2. MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) : Solar conversion rate is highest, pump work efficiency

3.QR(quick response) :Sampling, tracking, conversion mode(Output maximization, energy conversion optimization), Fast response mode(per 0.1s one scan)

4. Design of wide power allowance: The power of the controller is twice as much as the water pump(such as the power is 750W, the Controller can withstand the power range is 1500w)

5. Wide voltage margin range: Large range of voltage (such as The MPPT voltage is 540V and the controller can withstand a voltage range of 750V)

6. Control board plus storage capabilities, double-layer lightning protection, intelligent program calls: External memory

7. Intel chip as the data processor, highly efficient and stable.( Professional power frequency processing chip)

8. Water shortage protection: add Water level sensor

9. water overflows protection: add Water level sensor


1.Airbag: Keep the pressure inside the motor balanced, Prevent the shell from breaking when under high pressure or water vapor entering under low pressure.

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